Change-A constant? A paradox?

'The only thing that should be constant in life is change.' or 'Change is the only constant.' This saying is possibly the most striking statements that I have encountered in my life. Since then, it has prevailed in my mind and continues to resonate with my thoughts. The reason that it has stayed with me... Continue Reading →

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Those sparkles had a menacing glaze, And a lustful charm, I pursued them, Dazed, Into the plush farm, And found myself in a land of daze, Where there were only glitters and charm, Everything that was ablaze, Was totally without harm, Caricatures they were horrific, Of people glowing as light, With mere outlines and shapes,... Continue Reading →

The treasure in the cellar

Sometime around 30 years from now. “What’s this!?” he exclaimed, excited to find something he thought no one had seen before. A thing because there was no word to define it, perhaps. This was the first time he had journeyed into the cellar, with an intent to find lost treasures. Among the plethora of things... Continue Reading →


It’s been a long time since my last post the reason being, I was caught up in exams. Phew! While it was a tiresome experience to take exams(it always is!), something very wonderful happened in between! A few days ago, I revealed my poetic personality to the blogging world when I posted this poem, Mistakes,... Continue Reading →


Hello to my fellow readers! There is a poetic side to my personality that I haven't shared with you all, and today, that I am running out of topics, I decided to put up an old poem written by me. Hope you enjoy reading it! I know I have made mistakes, Sometimes at all loss... Continue Reading →

Friends For Days Tag

Okay, so it's been less than a month since I've started actively engaging  in my blog and recently have been nominated for the 'Friends For Days' tag. Chelia from pinkfordays created this wonderful tag named 'Friends For Days' and the generous newmoonplan nominated me to participate in it. And I must say that newmoonplan is an amazing blog... Continue Reading →


Ever wondered what life is all about? Ever observed the basic characteristics that make life, life? If you have observed life, you might have noticed that things always exist in pairs. Mostly in pairs of opposites. For every single thing, there is an opposite thing canceling it. For example, there is day and there is... Continue Reading →

Concern or worry?

Parenting has always been a challenging task and also, the one that doesn't come alone. Along with it, come a streak of responsibilities that are about to strike them. NOTE: I am not a parent. This article is written from an observational point of view after years of attention given to various parenting practices. Now, I... Continue Reading →

The RGB of our lives!

Everything is made up of components. Right from the air you breathe, to the water you drink, to the land you walk upon. Also, life. It is enthralling to note that things that seem inseparable are also made up of smaller things. This hierarchical ideology extends into every section of life, even up to atoms.... Continue Reading →


Bias -  cause to feel or show inclination or prejudice for or against someone or something. Well, humans are biased. It is an inherent trait that the humanity suffers from. Often, humans are biased due to the lack of open-mindedness and prevalence of self-absorption due to which  the possibility of being wrong seems impossible to... Continue Reading →

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